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High Pressure Water Blasting Services

GForce Oilfield specializes in numerous High Pressure Waterblasting applications. We currently have a variety of different pumping capabilities with our units. They range from 3000psi up to 20,000 psi at variable flow rates depending on the application of Job scope. Our pumping capabilities are interchangeable and equipment can be customized to suit Clients needs. GForce uses High Pressure water blasting as an industrial cleaning technique.

We clean exchanger tubes (pencil line- manual lancing), process and plant piping, tank and vessel cleaning applications among many other capabilities of our equipment and workforce.  High Pressure Water Blasting is a service that provides clients with many technological advantages. GForce Oilfield has numerous tools and supplemental equipment that is paired with the blasting pumps.

We have a Triple rod rotary Lance for exchanger tubes, 3D tank cleaning wash nozzles capable of numerous pressures and volumes, Medium diameter pipe cleaning tools as well as all the traditional manual applications.

Aerial Cooler/Gas Cooler/Compressor Cleaning

GForce Oilfield specializes in increasing the operational efficiency of our client’s gas cooler/compressors. We employ numerous strategies to ensure your gas cooler systems run well by cleaning both the external face of your tube sheet as well as the internals of the tubes.  We use a signature Biodegradable Chemical in a foam application to remove debris and buildup around the cooling surface of your compressor tubes.

 We wash this down with a high volume application of water rather than a High Pressure technique to ensure tube fins don’t get bent or compromised.  If the internal side of cooler is plugged or has flow restrictions we can pull the plugs and use a high pressure pencil cleaning application to remove all debris and gas scale buildup to raise the flow rates and operational capabilities.  We have proven to many clients that when Gforce cleans a compressor the operating temperatures of the asset drop significantly, raising the quality of the gas cooling process.  Our cooler cleaning has been helping clients for years maintaining and keeping the compressors running smooth in those hot summer months.

Exchanger Cleaning

GForce Oilfield Services provides clients with a few different exchanger cleaning options.  We have both high pressure water blasting and chemical cleaning applications currently available.  Tube cleaning can be accommodated a few different ways. We have a triple rod rotary lance and a triple TLE capable of cleaning 3 tubes at a time from lengths of 5 foot long bundles up to 50/60 foot long bundles using 20,000psi water to clean tube internals. GForce also cleans a lot of tubes with the traditional manual pencil line cleaning method as well as tube “Shotgunning”. Our tube cleaning services also includes the ability to clean a wide variety of cooler/compressor tubes for both functional clean and regulatory maintenance.  

Chemical cleaning of exchangers is another service that we provide.  We have the ability to clean bundles onsite with numerous chemical processes suitable to the client’s needs.  Our chemical unit is capable of circulating exchangers, as well as heating the fluids up to 80 Celsius while circulating.  Benefits of this process is that we can tie directly onto the exchanger and clean the bundles without removing them from the location.  Working closely to develop the lockouts with clients is beneficial to optimize the cleaning process.  It allows us to conduct the jobs safely, organized and on budget for our clients.

Water Plant Maintenance

Water Plants are a key part of SAGD and processing facilities.  In this day and age recycling water and the use of water efficiently is imperative to the success of each plant site.  GForce Oilfield specializes in the cleaning of numerous water plant facilities.  After filters, LSFs, Magox and lime systems are just a few examples of things we can do.  GForce has the specialized equipment and labor force to remove all forms of filter media, conduct a SPEC 1 clean of the vessel and present the vessel for inspection and repair.  The key to Water Plant maintenance is to be proactive with upkeep and cleaning for each process in the plant. GForce is the right choice to help you with all your Water plant cleaning requirements.

Treater Cleaning

Gforce has developed our own signature Treater cleaning process.  We feel we are an industry leader with the innovation of how we clean Treaters.  We employ a mixed strategy of chemical cleaning and confined space entry washing.  Our process allows clients to begin cleaning the vessel immediately following taking it offline.

We tie in to existing plumbing of the vessel to de-sludge while vacuuming on the systems drain’s to remove the sludge in bottom.  We attach numerous cleaning tools to the vessel and closed loop circulate the Treater with a Gforce exclusive chemical solution and our high volume pumping units.  Once this stage of cleaning is complete we then prep the vessel for blinding and conduct CSE to do a final wash cleanup.  The major benefits of our cleaning system is we significantly reduce the confined space time spent cleaning Treaters by the traditional method.  It also reduces the risk of exposure to the hazards associated with manually removing solids. (Atmospheric, labor intensive, CSE hazards) It also allows the client more time to perform the lockouts and isolation of the vessel as we are able to begin cleaning without blinding in place.  We continue to learn and adjust our tactics and procedures with each Treater cleaning we complete.  Our clients enjoy the fact that we are ever evolving and tweaking our process to better serve their needs and requirements.  GForce has an open ear and with good communication we can develop a successful strategy with you and your site.